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Why I don’t care if anyone calls me a MASSEUSE!

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Dictionary definition of masseuse: A woman who works giving massages  or a woman whose job is to give massages or a woman who practices massage.

Medical Definition of MASSEUSE: a woman who practices massage and physiotherapy.

Sounds pretty accurate to me.

When I hear the term masseuse or masseur it is usually from an older person who has gotten massage for many years. In other words my ideal client! Far be it from me to correct them. I’ll be handing out my business card with a grin on my face!

If you choose to correct someone, please do so with your sense of humor in place. I wouldn’t book an appointment with some who called me out and “made me wrong.”

Plus, massage is thought to be the oldest form of manual medical therapy practiced on humans. I am very proud of that fact and my profession. We were masseuses and masseurs a lot longer than we have been Massage Therapists. 

So there’s my two cents on that subject. Have a wonderful and prosperous day. Gael22fynny

Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring!